To achieve these goals and objectives we partner with professionals

Vision, Mission & Objectives


To achieve sustainable development and utilization of available resources in order to have an Educated, Healthy and Wealthy rural Community in Kenya.


We are committed to eradicate Poverty, Ignorance and Diseases among the rural communities in Kenya through simple and affordable strategies; for instance Volunteering in Education, Health-care and Economic Empowerment.


  1. To mobilize Community resources to ensure informed participation of the rural Communities in Identification, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation of their own activities,
  2. To promote and encourage economic activities like modern Agriculture that will generate wealth and income to the rural people,
  3. To improve the quality and access of Basic Education and academic achievement with special attention on girl child, the very poor and orphans and vulnerable children,
  4. To achieve sustainable improvement in health status among the rural community, especially AIDS patients, OVC, geographically remote, women of child bearing age and children under five,
  5. To promote multi-sectoral approach to development through the mobilization of available resources to assist the rural communities to meet their basic needs,
  6. To mobilize resources from all possible sources, including the government, the corporate sectors, local and international Non-Governmental Organizations and other Organizations having similar objective to improve the standard of living of the rural communities,
  7. To collaborate with other organizations or companies having similar objects to this organization and,
  8. To promote network of all stakeholders addressing issues of education, health and Agriculture.