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Help keep an orphan in school everyday for the whole term

AHADI runs an Education Sponsorship Program whose mission is to keep orphans and vulnerable children in school and offer them quality education.  Each day these children study with other kids (who are not orphans nor vulnerable) under a caring and conducive environment, and are fed with nutritious meal. At the moment this program caters for 34 children.

Our goal in this program is that by educating these kids and equipping them with prerequisite skills, we are preparing them for a total transition to the next level of education and also enable them in future to engage in income generating activities. In this way we will be promoting their livelihood and curbing the vicious cycle of poverty and especially factors that contribute to it, among them diseases, ignorance etc.

To sustain this program and to enable these kids study uninterrupted in school, we rely on donations. We reach out to sponsors and well-wishers whose sponsorship and kind donation shall not only go a long way to assure these kids of a bright future but it will also inculcate the sense of belonging and assurance to them that they are loved and cared for.

We reach out to you today. Kindly sponsor one child and Keep him in school. Put a smile on her face. With just a dollar every day, you shall have positively impacted on the life of one child forever. Email us at: or

With your kind donation, we shall be able:

  1. To provide quality education to the orphans and vulnerable kids at our partner schools
  2. To feed the kids and provide them with balance diet
  3. To accommodate them in school for the time they are studying
  4. To monitor their growth and development throughout the time they shall be under the program.

AHADI shall always keep you posted, as our sponsor and well-wisher, on the progress of the kids you are sponsoring. We shall also be encouraging them to be writing and making arts gifts for you as their small way of appreciation.

Local and International Donations
We are able to receive your donation whether you are within Kenya, East Africa or any other part of the globe through our Bank account.


BANK: Cooperative bank of Kenya
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 01109077582800