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A visit to the Program site and excursion into Mau Forest

 PHOTO/ AHADI Community

On the morning of Thursday, August 09, 2018, our program participant, Keumsook Yang from Korea, visited the Program site (Our Partner Orphanage) and was introduced to the kids and staffs.

The facility currently homes about 100 orphans ranging from the age of 3 years to 18 years. The kids sang to the participant many songs and each one of them also introduced themselves.
The Supervisor was so enthralled that he profusely expressed his welcomes to the participant assuring her of a full support for the rest of her entire volunteer duration. He also took the participant around the Orphanage showing her all the projects currently being undertaken; Poultry and dairy farming, gardening and the ongoing construction of a dining Hall.
The Participant on her hand was delighted and said she was looking forward to interacting with the kids as soon as she would start the program the next day.
“I look forward to learning to speak your Swahili and Kipsigis languages as I also teach you my Korean language,” she said arousing claps from the kids.
Sightseeing excursion at Mau Forest

PHOTO/ AHADI Community

At 12 Pm, the Participant and staffs of AHADI, embarked on an expedition into one of the Kenya’s Water Towers; South West Mau Forest which is a 5 Kms from the Program site.

PHOTO/ AHADI Community

This is a forest that has a rich biodiversity and is a home to many rare and indigenous trees and animals. It houses, for example, elephants and the critically endangered Mountain Bongo.

PHOTO/ AHADI Community

The forest also serves ecosystems beyond its boundaries with its rivers feeding up to six lakes, among them Lake Victoria, and supports eight wildlife reserves including the Mara and Serengeti.

At 5:30 PM, it was time to return home; full of excitement.

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