To achieve these goals and objectives we partner with professionals

Volunteer as Health Educator in rural Kenya

This opportunity provides anyone interested in Community Health promote, maintain and improve it by assisting individuals and communities to adopt healthy behaviors in our rural community in Kenya Kenya.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. To determine Community Health Needs and the availability of services, and to develop goals for meeting needs in the community
  2. To develop and present Health Education and Promotion programs such as Training, Workshops, Conferences, and school or community presentations in the community.
  3. To develop operational plans and policies necessary to achieve Health Education objectives and services.
  4. To develop, conduct, or coordinate Health needs assessments and other public Health surveys.
  5. To prepare and distribute Health Education materials, including reports, bulletins, and visual aids such as films, videotapes, photographs, and posters.
  6. To provide guidance to our organizations in the assessment of Health Education needs, and in the development and delivery of health education programs.
  7. To provide program information to the public by preparing and presenting press releases, conducting media campaigns
  8. To develop, prepare, and coordinate grant applications and grant-related activities to obtain funding for Health Education programs and related work for our organization.


  1. Possess an understanding of community level work and the importance of collaborating and coordinating with other organizations;
  2. Effective communication and documentation skills;
  3. Ready to to learn Cultural and linguistic for the population served; and
  4. We seek talented, dedicated individuals from all walks of life who possess a strong commitment to this mission.
  5. Relevant personal experience is a plus.

What we offer to our Volunteers

  1. We offer training and orientation
  2. We offer accommodation and three meals a day for the whole volunteer period
  3. We provide language/Cultural Support.

We welcome the following categories of volunteers

  1. Groups
  2. Families
  3. International Volunteers

How To Apply

Fill the Volunteer Application Form and submit to us.  You can also Email us at for more information.


This is a low-fee and pocket-friendly volunteer program. Join us today and create positive impact in our community in a very cost-effective way while having an on-site taste of African experience.


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