To achieve these goals and objectives we partner with professionals

VOLUNTEER: An opportunity to Empower rural Youths in Kenya

AHADI is offering opportunity for professionals and anyone with passion to empower rural youths in Kenya.  This opportunity is meant to spearhead and/or improve the existing initiatives that are tailored for the empowerment of youths. Such initiatives include but not limited to empowering young people to make sound life decisions for their individual development, providing youths with skills, facilitating appropriate career choices, providing platform and network for employment and opportunities for income generation, etc.

Areas of focus

  1. Sensitization about HIV & AIDS; spread and treatment
  2. Offering support to orphans and vulnerable young children in schools
  3. Engaging youths in various community projects,
  4. Offering microfinance trainings (saving and lending)
  5. Capacity building for the youths,
  6. Computer and technology literacy,
  7. Community library,
  8. Organic farming and technology training,
  9. Eco-tourism; environmental education and management.

Duties and responsibilities of the volunteer

  1. To empower youths with financial literacy (microfinance development; saving and lending)
  2. To enhance productive livelihood and well-being for young people living with HIV/AIDS and their families.
  3. To source for partnership with relevant stakeholders in the mitigation of spread of HIV among the young people and sensitize them on infection preventive measures that include delaying of their sexual debut.
  4. To establish a well-equipped Youth Resource Centre that shall facilitate learning for youths, orphans and vulnerable children. The resource center shall also serve as a hub for practical community and career development information to local community members.
  5. To engage Youths in efforts to mobilize and enhance income-generating activities.
  6. To assist youths in initiating enterprises that will increase economic productivity, and lead to poverty-reduction and wealth creation.
  7. To develop eco-tourism and environmental management activities in the region as a source of revenue for young people in the villages.
  8. Inculcate reading and writing culture among the young people through initiating writing competitions and awards. Volunteer can also help establish community library
  9. Engage youth in safe activities such as sports, script acting, career development and drug abuse trainings, as well as building overall awareness and engagement through youth group projects.


  1. Possess an understanding of youths and community level work and the importance of collaborating and coordinating with other organizations and stakeholders;
  2. Effective communication and documentation skills;
  3. Ready to to learn Cultural and linguistic for the population served;
  4. We seek talented, dedicated individuals from all walks of life who possess a strong commitment to this mission.
  5. Relevant personal experience is a plus.

What we offer to our Volunteers

  1. We offer training and orientation
  2. We offer accommodation and three meals a day for the whole volunteer period
  3. We provide language/Cultural Support.

We welcome the following categories of volunteers

  1. Groups
  2. Families
  3. International Volunteers

How To Apply

Fill the Volunteer Application Form and submit to us.  You can also Email us at for more information.


This is a low-fee and pocket-friendly volunteer program. Join us today and create positive impact in our community in a very cost-effective way while having an on-site taste of African experience.


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