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Yang Keumsook starts Art classes in Kimori Academy School

The morning of 3rd September 2018 is characteristically freezing. As always, the month of September is known for long and heavy afternoon rains. Yesterday it had rained the whole afternoon.

This morning, blankets of thick clouds, hide the sun from smiling to the world. There is gloom everywhere. It does not require a fore-teller to vaticinate a rainy afternoon.

Along some rural path in Kimori village, two people are walking side by side towards a murramed road. They are an African man and a Korean lady. The lady has a backpack on her shoulder. Her hands are dipped inside her jacket’s side-pockets in an effort to keep them warm.

“It is going to rain again heavily this afternoon,” the African Man said to the lady who in turn looks up in the sky and nods her head in agreement.

They meander the path; occasionally jumping over pools of water that got collected from yesterday’s rain. They also need to be careful not have their clothes grabbed by Mauritius thorn-trees that line both sides of the path. They are headed for Kimori Academy School where the lady, Yang Keumsook, is going to start her Art classes; an Education program by AHADI Organization where she volunteers with.

As part of the development strategy, the organization partners with schools and Institutions, for the implementation of most of its programs. Among the partners, is Kimori Academy and Kobel Mission where 34 orphans, who are under AHADI’s Education Sponsorship (Orphans and Vulnerable Children Education Sponsorship) Program study and stay during the school term.

The African man accompanying Yang Keumsook is the Organization’s staff, a Volunteer Coordinator, assigned to be with her and provide her with any necessary assistance including translation from English to Swahili and vice versa to the locals and the volunteer respectively.

After five minutes of walking, they arrive at Kimori Academy School’s gate which upon entering through, a magnificent school’s buildings come upon them. They then proceed for the Administration Block where they are ushered into the office by the Headteacher.

Karibuni Sana. Habari ya Nyumbani?” Mr ngetich welcomes them, deliberately speaking in Swahili. He had a week earlier met them during introduction and had known that Yang Keumsook was able to understand and respond very well to Swahili greetings. Only Greetings.

Asantii,” Yang Keumsook responds confidently, arousing hearty smile from the head-teacher.

Time is allocated from the school’s program for her Arts classes. She is going to teach the Pre-primary unit and grade 1 and 2 for the next 10 days.

She then proceeds to the Pre-primary unit’s classroom where pupils are very excited to see her. They stand up respectfully when she enters then door. She greets them in Swahili, “Habari yenu wanafunzi? (How are you pupils)”

“Njema sana, mwalimu. Karibu darasas letu (We are very fine, teacher. Welcome to our class) the pupils chant their responses and sit down.

Yang Keumsook then introduces the day’s lesson. She is going to teach them how to make a model of a fish using a paper. This, evidently, arises excitement among the pupils as smiles registered in their young faces.

The class lasts forty Minutes. At the ring of the bell, all the pupils are happily displaying the work of their hands; Paper-fishes. They chant their thanks to Yang and welcome her to the next class tomorrow.

Teach at a rural school in Kenya


Many poor children and orphans are likely to drop from school in Kenya due to several reasons which include; cultural practices like early marriages and female genital mutilation (FGM), poverty, HIV/AIDS, inadequate facilities, high cost of education post primary, high school dropout rate, poor management and supervisory and under-staffing due to free primary education and lack of skilled teachers. The most affected are girl child and orphans. We have opportunities for volunteer teachers to assist with teaching at primary, secondary and technical schools.


  1. Providing support to children with mathematics, reading and writing on an individual, class or small group basis
  2. Giving extra help to children with special needs
  3. Offering English lessons
  4. Helping to develop programs for learning activities and adapting appropriate materials
  5. Motivating and encouraging pupils
  6. Assisting with marking and correcting work
  7. Attending meetings and reviews
  8. Helping with school events, trips and activities.
  9. We also have opportunities at early childhood development through nursery schools for those interested offering services for young children.

Position requirement

  1. Basic teaching skills for this volunteer opportunity are an added advantage but not a requirement.
  2. College students, recent University graduates, professional teachers and lecturers on vacation, retired teachers can apply.
  3. All the teaching positions are in Rift valley province which has spectacular tourist attraction sites.


What we offer to our Volunteers

  1. We offer training and orientation
  2. We offer accommodation and three meals a day for the whole volunteer period
  3. We provide language/Cultural Support.

We welcome the following categories of volunteers

  1. Groups
  2. Families
  3. International Volunteers

How To Apply

Fill the Volunteer Application Form and submit to us.  You can also Email us at for more information.


We provide a low-fee and pocket-friendly volunteer programs. Join us today and create positive impact in our community is a very cost-effective way.

Yang Keumsook starts her Childcare program

One’s the morning of Thursday, August 09, 2018, our program participant, Keumsook Yang from Korea, visited the Program site (Our Partner Orphanage) and was introduced to the kids and staffs.

The facility currently homes about 100 orphans ranging from the age of 3 years to 18 years. The kids sang to the participant many songs and each one of them also introduced themselves.
The Supervisor was so enthralled that he profusely expressed his welcomes to the participant assuring her of a full support for the rest of her entire volunteer duration. He also took the participant around the Orphanage showing her all the projects currently being undertaken; Poultry and dairy farming, gardening and the ongoing construction of a dining Hall.
The Participant on her hand was delighted and said she was looking forward to interacting with the kids as soon as she would start the program the next day.
“I look forward to learning to speak your Swahili and Kipsigis languages as I also teach you my Korean language,” she said arousing claps from the kids.

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